• Are you wondering why you're constantly feeling fatigued or are having repeated illnesses?
  • Feeling like no one takes the time to really listen to you?
  • Tired of the symptom management approach (an Rx for each new symptom)?
  • Feeling like just another number at the clinic, often leaving without being taught the details on how to make the suggested changes?
  • Do you have a child who is out of control, hyperactive, or having difficulty in school?
  • Are you experiencing indigestion, fatigue, insomnia, bloating, GERD/reflux, allergies, frequent upper respiratory infections, stomach pains after eating, or other symptoms?
  • Is your prescription medication list growing instead of shrinking, yet you still don't feel well?  

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH TODAY!  There is much you can do to help yourself, but no one has taken the time to teach you the very important details ...and insurance programs, unfortunately, do not reimburse practitioners for teaching time.

Learn how to achieve the three B's --- Better Body Balance!

Get a FRESH START on your health with an individualized and highly detailed 
HEALTH COACHING session by a Holistic Registered Nurse & Health Educator specializing in Integrative Health, Preventive Medicine, Whole Foods Nutrition, Drug-free Approaches, and Environmental Health.  

Learn how to identify the "root causes" of your symptoms and what you may be doing repeatedly to contribute to them.  Then learn about ways you can help yourself feel better and optimize your long term health.  You'll be surprised at how easy it is!


Schedule your personalized health coaching session now and jump start your health!
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This is your guide to the bigger 
picture of health & the detailed 
health coaching you've wanted and needed so much.
Holistic Nurse & Integrative Health Coach