About Your Health Coach...

Linda is passionate about your health and wellness -- body, mind, & spirit!  She enjoys coaching individuals and groups of all ages.  Clients have shared that they feel understood and nurtured through her holistic approach as they enjoy the supportive environment of a true health partnership. She also provides helpful guides and resources which are easy to use and serve clients well beyond the initial consult.

Through a detailed holistic health assessment, she helps reveal the potential root causes of symptoms and how you can help yourself.  Her focus is on helping you to identify lifestyle factors that enhance or hinder your foundation of long term health and lifestyle shifts which you can choose to make when you're ready.  It's all about helping you to help yourself!  

First, she'll listen to your concerns and discuss your history.  Then she'll connect the dots and explain things simply and clearly, offering individualized tips.  Finally, together you'll create a doable short term plan of action and long term goals.  

You're in control of your own health.  You decide which lifestyle shifts you'd like to make and when to start.  

Linda will be there to support you in achieving your goals!  Topics covered may include the health benefits of whole foods, transition steps toward a healthier lifestyle, simple meal planning tools, food shopping tips, how to create a healthy home, enhancing your resiliency, healthy parenting, and planning for financial health.   Her coaching also includes information on optimizing your communications with physicians and other providers.  

Linda has extensive experience in integrative health, preventive medicine, allergy/ immunology, environmental health, whole foods nutrition, neurological rehabilitation, complementary & alternative medicine, gerontology, palliative care, hospice, and higher education.  She has also worked both locally and internationally helping Special Needs families learn how to enhance the health and wellness of their hurt child. 


Master of Public Health, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Certificate in Integrative Health & Preventive Medicine, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration, Philadelphia University

Registered Nurse, Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing

Linda Tovaas-Virostko MPH, RN
Integrative Health Coach & Wellness Speaker
Holistic Nurse & Integrative Health Coach